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2018-01-13 Karamåla

art zone is a continuation of formverk (art zone)

2017 we bought a farm in Blekinge in the south of Sweden where we will continue to develop our
artist-run and self organised work. Updated information soon to come.

New name, new ideas, new program!

Stina & Niclas

formverk.artzone (@)

Previous information:
Formverk (art zone) founded in 2004 by Niclas Hallberg and Stina Pehrsdotter, is a dynamic, non-profit organisation for contemporary art and art projects. We are working on a domestic and international basis, to realize artistic exchange and cooperation.
We are based in Sweden and have a residency for exchange and experimental work in Banatska Dubica, Serbia. We have extensive contacts with other artist-run spaces and ongoing collaborations with artists from all over the world.
Formverk (art zone) organises exhibitions in other spaces, receives assignments and gives lectures.
We are actively involved in the art scene in Sweden and abroad, and are convinced that it is important to share experiences with others - and have fun!

Residency RAJ (paradise in Serbian) is operated by Formverk (art zone) and art association MOBA (Serbia). It is located in the small village Dubica in Banat in Eastern Vojvodina, North Serbia. Residency RAJ is a place for artists to come together, create exhibitions, collaborate and develop ideas.
Formverk (art zone) and MOBA have developed a creative program in Dubica, including project VISIBILITY, containing workshops for children and youngsters and artistic happenings for educators and teachers.
We have the aim to create a cultural hub for the inhabitants and domestic and international artists.
Formverk (art zone) and MOBA are also initiators of Belgrade Art Fair, an international art fair in Serbia arranged for the first time in October 2012.


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